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With its passage in 2017, SB 1 secured $5.4 billion annually dedicated to increasing funding for California’s transportation network. However, in addition to this extra funding, the law also requires that Caltrans set an annual goal to achieve savings totalling at least $100 million by implementing efficiencies through the use of technology, innovative tools, and process improvements while continuing to maintain and rehabilitate the State Highway System. These efficiencies incentivize Caltrans to do its part in helping preserve transportation infrastructure and we report on them annually as part of SB 1 requirements.

Annual Efficiencies Reports

FY 2019-2020

19/20 Efficiency Report
Caltrans has identified total savings of $340.1 million for the current Annual Efficiencies Report for fiscal year 2019-20, with $195 million towards the SB 1 efficiency goal. Caltrans continues to build upon the efficiencies from prior years and actively seeks to identify new areas to assist the organization to become more efficient in operations and innovations. Caltrans identified 10 new efficiencies for this fiscal year and 7 recurring efficiencies. Additionally, Caltrans included efficiencies with existing tools that continue to realize savings with new projects each fiscal year. View the full report.

FY 2018-2019

18/19 Efficiency Report
For fiscal year 2018-19, Caltrans has identified savings of $233 million. Caltrans continues to expand future year opportunities to generate efficiencies by increasing Construction Manager/ General Contractor (CM/GC), as allowed by Senate Bill 1262; increasing the number of Value Analysis (VA) studies performed by lowering the threshold from $50 million to $25 million; establishing teams to develop strategies to further streamline the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) assignment; and encouraging employees to continue with process improvements throughout the department. View the full report.

FY 2017-2018

17/18 Efficiency Report
Caltrans is pleased to report that in FY 2017-18, it achieved a total of $133 million in efficiency related savings. Out of the $133 million, $129 million are related to cost avoidance and $4 million are monetary savings. The savings achieved through cost avoidance will be used towards programming future projects that maintain, rehabilitate, replace and reconstruct the state highway system. The monetary savings achieved with the Highway Lighting LED Retrofit Project will be reinvested in asset management and other maintenance and operations activities. View the full report.