Glossary of Terms

ACE - Altamont Corridor Express

ADA - American with Disabilities Act

ATP - Active Transportation Program

CCC - California Conservation Corps

CalSTA - California Transportation Agency

Caltrans - California Department of Transportation

CHP - California Highway Patrol

CMGC - Construction Manager General Contractor

Commission - California Transportation Commission

CPI - Consumer Price Index

CSU - California State University

CWDB - California Workforce Development Board

DBE - Disabled Business Enterprise

DVBE - Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise

FHWA - Federal Highway Administration

FPB - Financial Policy Board

FY - Fiscal Year

GGRF - Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund

HM - State Highway System Maintenance

HOV - High Occupancy Vehicle

HOT - High Occupancy Toll

ITS - Institute of Transportation Studies

LPP - Local Partnership Program

MPO - Metropolitan Planning Organization

NEPA - National Environmental Policy Act

PID - Project Initiation Document

RFP - Request for Proposal

RMRA - Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account

RTPA - Regional Transportation Planning Agency

SB - Small Business

SB 1 - Senate Bill 1

SCCP - Solutions for Congested Corridor Program

SHOPP - State Highway Operation and Protection Program

SMART - Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit

STA - State Transit Assistance

STIP - State Transportation Improvement Program

UC - University of California

TAMP - Transportation Asset Management Plan

TCEP - Trade Corridor Enhancement Program

TMS - Traffic Management Systems

VA - Value Analysis