Getting it Done with SB 1

Billions of SB 1 dollars are being used to fix aging freeways, state and local roads, and bridges throughout California.

Video highlights

Amtrak San Joaquin’s new rail cars

With the introduction of the Venture Passenger Rail Car trains, train passengers in Northern California and the Central Valley are now able to experience a more contemporary and comfortable ride. Wider aisles, accessible restrooms, and fully automatic doors are features of the single-story, completely ADA-accessible passenger cars. These further expand California's offering of convenient and comfortable travel and commuting options. Caltrans purchased the new rail cars with $132 million in federal and state funds.

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Highway 101 HOV lanes in Carpinteria

Watch this Caltrans News Flash to see how new SB 1-funded HOV lanes on US Route 101 are adding new options for traveling through the corridor and improving connectivity to local roads in Carpinteria.

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Sacramento Interstate 5 Corridor Enhancement Project

In this Caltrans SB 1 video, see how Interstate 5 from Elk Grove to Sacramento was transformed to fix aging infrastructure, improve safety, and provide better transportation options in the corridor.

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Redlands passenger rail project

This video shows how partnerships and SB 1 funding is transforming a nine-mile area in the San Bernardino region, improving transportation options and the quality of life for those who live there.

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