SB 1 emphasizes accountability and transparency for the new funding and programs created by the legislation. SB 1 holds Caltrans and local governments accountable for the efficient investment of public funds to maintain the public highways, streets, and roads.

ACA 5 – Protecting SB 1 dollars for transportation use only

SB 1 funds are protected under Article 19 of the California State Constitution for transportation purposes only. The Legislature passed ACA 5 (Frazier, 2017) to safeguard new dollars not previously protected for transportation use. ACA 5 was voted upon and approved by California voters as Proposition 69 on the June 2018 ballot.

Inspector General

SB 1 created the Independent Office of Audits and Investigations and the Inspector General to ensure Caltrans and external entities that receive state and federal transportation funds from Caltrans are spending those funds efficiently, effectively, economically, and in compliance with applicable state and federal requirements. SB 1 requires the Governor to appoint the Inspector General, and upon confirmation of the California State Senate, the Inspector General serves a six-year term. The Inspector General is vested with the authority to maintain a full-scope, independent, and objective audit and investigation program. The Inspector General has a duty to review policies, practices, and procedures and conduct audits and investigations of activities involving state transportation funds administered by Caltrans. For a summary of annual audit and investigation findings, individual audit reports, and other reports on the oversight of transportation funds and programs, please visit the Inspector General's website.

In October 2017, the Governor appointed an Inspector General to direct the office’s work.

California Transportation Commission oversight

SB 1 empowers the California Transportation Commission (CTC) to hold state and local government accountable for making the transportation improvements they commit to delivering. It also provides authorization for the California Transportation Commission to review and allocate Caltrans funding and staffing for highway maintenance to ensure those levels are reasonable and responsible. Get more information on CTC's oversight role.